Unlike some roofing companies, we recommend only lifetime shingles for roofing projects. They look fabulous and have outstanding performance.

         We Do All of our own work         

                no  Sub  Contractors 

Did you know, that the roof on your house is subjected to the most severe abuse from weather. Sun, rain, heat, and frost, are constantly beating your roof up. Unfortunately, customers tend to rarely pay attention to the state of roofs beforehand. Most of the times a lot of us notice problems only after some damage on the inside of the house has been observed. By then, however, together with a roofing project, the interior work needs to be done as well.


     There are many ways to prevent unnecessary expenses associated with roofs.  The easiest of them is to call us. During the appointment our representative will give you an honest answer about the state of your roof, and advise you if you need a new new roof installed or just a repair. We pride ourselves on our integrity and our perfect reputation speaks for itself.