Leaking roof? 
Siding problems?
Loose gutters?
Window leaks?

No problem – we are your repair contractor!

 We have dedicated roofing and siding repair technicians who specialize just in these areas. New problems, existing problems, chronic problems – we can solve them all. Tired of handy guys who can not fix the issue, or of other repair contractors who can not find what the issue is?  We can help.  Our experience, expertise and policies will allow us to:

​ 1) Find the problem
2) Solve the problem
3) Warranty the repair

“It is either fixed or it is free!”

​ You’ve read it right. All repairs are guaranteed to work – or your money back! We feel that you should pay only for results and we are the ones who can deliver and guarantee them. Besides, we fix damaged interior too! Do not waste time searching for multiple repair contractors. We can bundle your roof or siding repair project with interior job, and will have everything done for you in no time.